International Golden Rule Day

Treat others and the Planet as you would like to be treated

Treat others and the Earth as you would like to be treated. #GoldenRule



 Thank you for your interest in submitting video content to Golden Rule Day 2020. Below you will find criteria and guidelines for videos submitted to GR Day 2020. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at


AUGUST 1, 2019

DECEMBER 15, 2019


  1.  We are looking for:

    • Stories, Songs, Raps, Chants, Conversations

    • Individual or Collective Action and Community / Group Projects

    • Meditations, Interviews and Real-life Examples

    • Dances, Poetry and Performances of all kinds

    • Voices of Indigenous Peoples from all around the world

  2. We want videos in all languages – with English subtitles if possible, but not required. 

  3. Every submission must highlight the Golden Rule in Action in some way. Please feature a wide range of acts of kindness and compassion toward yourself, others, animals, the environment, and our planet.

  4. When possible, create original videos specifically for GR Day – or at least record an original introduction to a video that ties back to GR Day 2020.

  5. Please make videos that are inclusive and promote kindness, compassion, empathy, peace building, justice, and the Golden Rule

  6. We want videos that are fun, uplifting, authentic, and inspirational


  1. All videos must be focused on the theme: Golden Rule in Action.

  2. It is critical that your video(s) be short and succinct:

    • 1 person in video: 2 minutes maximum

    • 2 people in video: 4 minutes maximum

    • 3 people in video: 6 minutes maximum

    • 4 people in video: 8 minutes maximum

    • 5 people or more in video: 12-15 minutes maximum (you get the trend)

  3. Ensure your video is the best quality you can produce – we want to see you clearly (good lighting), hear you well (sound is clear), and view a video that is as steady as possible (video 720p if you have access).

  4. Use only original music or music that is free from all copyrights or no music.

  5. Please don’t make any political statements in your videos.

  6. Be as inclusive as possible in your language.

  7. Please submit complete videos: We won’t have time to edit or modify your videos.

How to submit a video:

1.    Upload your content to your Google Drive or DropBox, or any other cloud service.

2.    Send us the link and share your content with us via:

  • In your email please make sure you tell us the following:

    • Name of person to contact

    • Name of organization or group

    • Country/Area

    • How is this video related to the Golden Rule in Action

3.    We will send you a confirmation email that we received your content invitation, and add your content to our drive.

****If you are having a hard time working with cloud services or don’t know how to upload your content (google drive, dropbox, iCloud, etc.) please contact us and we’ll help you familiarize yourself with those platforms.*****