International Golden Rule Day

Treat others and the Planet as you would like to be treated

Treat others and the Earth as you would like to be treated. #GoldenRule

Thanks to all who participated in the worldwide transmission of International Golden Rule Day

Thursday, April 5, 2018

An All Day Celebration

“Treat others and the planet
as you would like to be treated”


On Thursday, April 5,  we had a 24-hour global virtual celebration of the Golden Rule; a universal principle shared by nearly all cultural, spiritual, religious, and secular traditions on Earth.

Over the course of 24 hours, people from many corners of the world addressed “Why the Golden Rule Matters Now” as they shared how people, organizations and governments can use this Common Principle to create a better world for everyone.

Thank you for joining us and experience conversations, music, stories, and art inspired by the Golden Rule. We learned new ways to apply the Golden Rule in your life and community.

Join a global community for International Golden Rule Day 2019!