International Golden Rule Day

Treat others and the Planet as you would like to be treated

Treat others and the Earth as you would like to be treated. #GoldenRule

Block 7 - USA and Canada - West Coast

Local Starting Times Below

  • California and Washington, USA: 6 pm 
  • Squamish, Canada: 6 pm
  • Hawaii, USA: 3 pm
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International recording artists Pato Banton & Antoinette Rootsdawtah, celebrate The Golden Rule Day with this beautiful video presentation of Dialogue and "Love Filled" Live Performances. This video also highlights their motivations and aspirations for using music as a tool to bring about positive change as they travel around the world.


“Nuke others as you would like to be nuked”: Listen in as Bishop William E. Swing shares how the Golden Rule can be applied to one of the most critical threats facing our world today - nuclear weapons.


What the thread that weaves people of different backgrounds together? It's the Golden Rule! Join Victor Kazanjian, the Executive Director of the United Religions Initiative and a lifelong peacebuilder, as he calls us into a special practice of the Golden Rule.


On a recent Euphrates Institute community call,  Chapter Leaders were asked to explain what the Golden Rule means to them and how they are applying it in their everyday lives. It led to a rich conversation with individuals sharing their personal stories and insights on this topic from India, Liberia, Pakistan, and the United States. The Golden Rule is a core value of Euphrates and one that we are committed to practicing as we strive to turn “others” into brothers, both locally and globally.













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Contemplative  is very pleased to host The Interfaith Amigos in this lively conversation about how to transform the Golden Rule into the Golden Reality. The Golden Rule has been around for millennia, emerging from every corner of the earth with every hope of transforming humanity from a competitive warrior species to one of unity, peace, and harmony. What will it take to bring the Golden Rule’s potential to fruition?


Mei-Lin Gorman dances the Hula from Hawaii to honor her mother and Golden Rule Day


Seattle, Washington, USA

According to Grandmother Norma Jean Young, and many others, we are in THE GREAT TURN – turning away from old and destructive ways and turning into a new way of being on Earth and with each other. Please join Norma Jean and her guests as they explore how to make it through this time of transformation harmoniously, in right function, and in right relationship. Sharon R. Maynard, Mary-Wynne Ashford, and some students from Quest University in Squamish, British Columbia are her guests.


Pune, India

Sister Lucy Kurien, our living Mother Teresa in India, tells us how she brings her culture of care to more than 900 children and hundred of women in 44 homes.


Skagit Valley, Washington, USA

LIVE Global Dance Party at Unity

Norma Jean has been calling for a Global Family Reunion for many years. The Spirit of the Golden Rule Day has helped gather the Family together. Join your sisters and brothers, from around the world, in full celebration of prayer, song, and dance.

Family voices include:

  • Ray Williams, Spiritual Elder, Swinomish Nation
  • Kayah George, a Young Brave Change Maker, daughter of Deborah daughter of Chief Rueben George, and grand-daughter of Chief Dan George.
  • Mangesh Pol, Devotional Leader of Maher Ashram, throughout India
  • Morgan Bierschenk, GEOSHIP Founder, preparing to use the technology of two giant fathers of humanity – Rustum Roy and Buckminster Fuller – to house humanity – responsibly.
  • Marcia Caldwell – a wisdom-keeper-at-large.

We will be listening, sharing, singing, and dancing to celebrate the Golden Rule.

Closing Golden Rule Day...

To close this day focused on kindness, compassion and the Golden Rule, Lisa Berkeley, an Ambassador with the Charter for Compassion, will moderate a live interview with some of the Planning Partners of Golden Rule Day. They will share how all of this came about, the many joys and challenges they have had while working on Golden Rule Day, and some of the take-aways from this nearly 24-hour-long event. The last image before we all sign off will be of our beautiful Earth while we all share a minute of silence. Thank you for participating in Golden Rule Day 2018!