International Golden Rule Day

Treat others and the Planet as you would like to be treated

Treat others and the Earth as you would like to be treated. #GoldenRule

Block 6 - Intermountain, USA

Local Starting Times Below

  • Utah, USA: 3:30 pm
  • Arizona and Nevada, USA: 2:30 pm
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Celebrate the Golden Rule in Utah with Felipe Zurita and Susan Soleil and enjoy diverse community voices including:

  • Live compassion meditation led by Levi Negley
  • Zeynep Kariparduc shares how Muslims practice the Golden Rule
  • Performance by a local Kenshin Taiko Drumming group
  • The Nature Conservancy of Utah shares one education program
  • Three women: Rose, Sunni and Kamryn, who met at Standing Rock, tell their stories
  • Short performance by the International Children’s Choir
  • Rumi quote by Holly Wynn
  • BYU dancers explain the Grass Dance of the Indigenous Plains Peoples
  • Utah Open Lands shares why they are conserving land
  • Cris Comer, a vegan mom, shares why her circle of compassion includes animals
  • Judge Royal Hansen and two lawyers, Michelle Oldroyd and John Kesler, discuss the importance of the Golden Rule in law
  • Meet Bonnie Phillips, founder of the Golden Rule Project and the Golden Rule Magician, Steffan Soule
  • Global prayer for healing hearts and spreading peace by Danny Wynn
  • Several moms and some kids share what the Golden Rule means to them
  • Performance by young Whirling Dervishes in Salt Lake
  • Rebecca Bateman sings the Golden Rule song from My Turn on Earth

It's a fantastic potpourri of perspectives on
the Golden Rule.



The Golden Rule can be spread in a variety of ways - and you'll encounter some of them here! See dancers and rappers who use their music to inspire others to live out the Golden Rule, then meet Arizona's Golden Rule Students of the month and hear how they are making a difference in their community. Finally, Larry Fultz of the Arizona Interfaith Movement will share how communities of any size - schools, cities, states - can committ to living the Golden Rule. 

Camp Anytown Las Vegas is a youth leadership program that focuses on high school students and teaches them how to eliminate prejudice, bias, and bigotry through our 3 day extensive camp. Tune in as former delegates (high students who attend camp) and current CIT's (Counselor in Training) engage in a Q & A regarding the Golden Rule and the effects it has on our society. The video is led by youth as we believe that our young generation are the next up-and-coming leaders.


Did you know there's a way to spread the Golden Rule and raise money for your non-profit at the same time? Find out about how the Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada has gone through the process of applying for and designing a Golden Rule License Plate!