International Golden Rule Day

Treat others and the Planet as you would like to be treated

Treat others and the Earth as you would like to be treated. #GoldenRule

Block 2 - India and Pakistan

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  • Mumbai, India: 2.30 pm
  • Islamabad, Pakistan: 2 pm
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India and pakistan

Come along on an exquisite journey experiencing the Golden Rule in various facets of Indian and Pakistani society!

Our journey to India and Pakistan begins with a message from the Dalai Lama. Our host for this segment is noted author, Arun Wakhlu. Hear presentations from musical artists Nimo Patel and Pragnya Wakhlu, poetry from Mudita Badhwar and Rashmi Trivedi  and view a dance performance on compassion. Hear students from both countries talk about their feelings regarding kindness and compassion and their enthusiasm of making plans to continue their collaboration by visiting with one another.

Experience thoughts on the Golden Rule and compassion from some of India's key spiritual, business, social and educational leaders.
There is much to experience in our journey as we meet with Charter for Compassion partners and initiatives  in the compassionate cities of Pune, Karachi and Mumbai,  in both countries.